EOSC Governance and Sustainability: NI4OS-Europe meets the EOSC GB country delegates

ΕΚ "Αθηνά"

The perspectives and aspects of the EOSC Governance and sustainability will be discussed in the online workshop organized by NI4OS-Europe on July 8th, 2020, from 14:00 to 16:00 CEST. The workshop will bring together the NI4OS-Europe partners and EOSC GB delegates in the SEE region to facilitate fruitful dialogue and information exchange, including the role and contribution of NI4OS-Europe to EOSC via the establishment of National Open Science Cloud Initiatives in the target region, which is in full progress.
The first part of the workshop will focus on presentations providing insights on the present and future of EOSC Governance and the role of the National OS initiatives, followed by short position statements by the key stakeholders of the NI4OS-Europe partner countries. The workshop will be completed with a Q&A session during which, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss on collaboration aspects in the EOSC framework.
Participation is restricted to NI4OS-Europe partners and GB national delegates.