Athena Research Center enters the sphere of Athens Science Festival 2018 and reveals the magic of digital science

Searching for the magic in digital science, Athena Research Center organizes its participation to the ASF2018 (25-29 April) and invites...

Professor Timos Sellis wins the prestigious IEEE TCDE Impact Award

Professor Timos Sellis, the founder and first Director of the Information Management...

The scientific support of innovative agriculture in the Region of Thraki, on 'Athena' RC agenda

Last week, the rural community of the region of Thraki met in the main auditorium of the "Athena" Research Center in Xanthi at the initiative of...

ID-EPTRI: a new research infrastructure that will facilitate the future development of better paediatric medicines

ID-EPTRI (European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure) is a project coordinated by the ...


OPENMINTED FINAL EVENT: Paving the way for text and data mining in science

Area 42, Brussels
​We live in an era of exponential growth of information in the scientific world. To make sense of all this text and data and unlock the potential of this knowledge, we need text and data mining...

Talk by H.Dalianis: HEALTH BANK – A Workbench for Data Science Applications in Healthcare

Hercules Dalianis, Professor of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stocholm University, will be at "Athena" Research Center on Thursday, March 1st, to give...